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Courageous is a film about God, family, marriage, career and leadership. It reveals a real life portrayal of the challenges that come with multiple responsibilities and wants in our modern day culture.

Courageous the movie is a powerful and entertaining take-action message that is full of quotes that apply to lives of men and women everywhere. The quotes can be used to stimulate meaningful conversations with friends and family, or from the pulpit to provoke life changing thoughts.

Rich Man
Husband, Javier Martinez: "I feel like a rich man."
Wife, Carmen Martinez: "You are a rich man. You have a strong faith, children that love you...and a wife that adores you."

If Fathers Did What They're Suppose To
Nathan Hayes: "You know, if fathers just did what they're supposed to do half of the junk that we face on the streets wouldn't exist."

The Trials of Being a Father
Adam Mitchell: "I'm accepting the fact that I have to learn how to do the hard things. There is so much in scripture about being a father, I never took time to look it up."


Setting the Standard for Fatherhood
Adam Mitchell: "I don't want to be a good enough father. We have a few short years to influence our kids. Whatever patterns we set for them in life will be used for their kids, and the generation after that. We have the responsibility to mold a life. And I don't think that should be done casually. Half the fathers in this country are already failing, and I don't want to be one of them. I'm talking about setting the standards that they need to aim for in life."

Taking Responsibility
Nathan Hayes:"Part of being a man is about taking responsibility. Any fool can have a child... Let me break it to you this way, you are guilty. Listen, one day you, me, and every one of us are gonna have to stand before God, and he's gonna do what good judges do."

Good Judge or Bad Judge?
Nathan Hayes: "Ok. Suppose she (your mom) was brutally attacked, and murdered in a parking lot. The guy was caught and put on trial. They guy says hey judge, I've committed this crime, but I've done a lot of good in my life. If the judge let him go free, would you say he was a good judge or a bad judge?" ..."because the Bible says that God is a good judge, and He will punish the guilty, not for what they did right, but for what they did wrong. Because He loves us, He sent his son, Jesus Christ, to take the punishment that we deserved, and put it on Himself, and that's why He died on the cross. But it only applies, if you accept it. That's why I asked for his forgiveness. I asked Him to save me. And I'm a new man because of Christ. You understand what I'm telling you? Then what's holding you back?"

Defining a Man
Adam Mitchell: "When did you first think of yourself as a man?"
Javier Martinez: "When my father told me I was. When I was 17 he had to leave for 3 months to do a job. He told me that he thought of me as a man. He wanted me to take care of the family."
Adam Mitchell: "I'm learning that God wants me to call out the man in my son."

Finding a Job
Javier Martinez: "Carmen, I'll ask God for help. He will find me work."

Fathers and Daughters: Dating
Nathan Hayes: "You can't go out on a date with anyone until they come talk to me, and they have no business talking to me until your 17. If a boy has asked you to go anywhere with him, it's a date."

Grieving And Relying on God
Pastor: "Adam there needs to be a grieving process, and the Lords the one who carries you through it. It takes time. It takes time fore healing. I've heard many people say who've lost a loved one, that in some ways, it's like learning to live with an amputation. You do heal, but you're never the same. I would also say, that those who go through this and trust in the Lord discover a comfort and an intimacy with God that most people never experience. He doesn't promise an explanation, but He does promise to walk with us through the pain. And the hard choice for you is whether or not your going to be angry for the time you didn't have..., or grateful for the time that you did have."

Mistakes of Fathers
Adam Mitchell: "I remember you talking about your dad, wasn't he like an usher or something at your church."
Shane Fuller: "That doesn't mean anything. As soon as the church service started, he stepped out back to smoke. One time he said to me, I better not catch you drinking. He had a beer in his hand. It's not like I don't love the guy, it's just kinda hard to respect a hypocrite."

Feeling God's Love
Javier Martinez: "Carmen, few times have I ever felt that God was helping my faith, but today was one of them. It felt so good, to work hard."
Carmen Martinez: "Javi, I know God loves you. He listens to you because you honor Him."

Consoling the Grieving
Pastor: "At a moment like this, silence seems to be the only emotion that fits. What can we, as mere men say to a grieving shattered heart? We speak today because we have a living hope. Death is no respecter of persons. Death is no respecter of youth. Death is a painful intruder and a pernicious reminder of our human condition. But I stand before you today to declare that we have a living hope and that causes us to rejoice greatly. If your hope today is found in the fact Jesus is no longer entombed... Because He lives, the grieving broken heart has hope, and reason to rejoice."

Communicating with our Children
Adam Mitchell: "Dylan, we're all hurting. What we can't do is block each other out. We need each other."

Reinforcing Your Children
Adam Mitchell: ‘I love you buddy. You're my son, and I am proud of you. Don't you ever forget that."

Mending Your Relationship with your Child
Adam Mitchell: "I don't feel like I've started well, but I want to finish well. What I want for you is that you seek the Lord. That you trust Him, even if it means your standing alone."

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